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Successful careers are built on long-term relationships and long-term relationships can be built with The Living Balance Sheet®

Clients want clear guidance from someone they trust and a single view of their full financial picture. The Living Balance Sheet® is both our financial philosophy to working with clients and a digital platform that gives you that complete financial picture clients are looking for. From there, you can coordinate the financial strategies in one place to help clients reach their long-term goals. 

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We show our clients the big picture

We believe our clients deserve a complete picture of their financial life. LBS easily captures and organizes client data to create that simple financial picture for clients. From there, you strategize on how to optimally build and protect the future they aspire to, understanding how individual financial decisions work together. You provide clients access to the financial picture and help them track progress towards financial goals through the LBS client app.
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We guide our clients to life-long protection

Our financial philosophy is rooted in a protection first mentality – protection of what matters most to your client. LBS allows you to easily show clients why we believe in protection first and what maximum protection looks like across their full financial picture. This conversation is typically the first of many and the cornerstone in a strong relationship built on trust.
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We create strategies for our clients' cash-flow today and in retirement

Understanding the big picture and considering cash flow offers the opportunity to coordinate your client’s investments, annuities, and life insurance. When you consider your client’s entire financial picture, you’ll be able to identify cash flow sources, determine “how much,” and have a responsible “how to” conversation. And when clients know you’re developing a long-term wealth-building strategy that doesn’t affect their quality of life today, they are much more comfortable making financial decisions for a better tomorrow.